WHAT’S HAPPENING: December, 2016

IMG_1144.JPG.jpgIf you follow me on social media at all, you’ll know that the last month has been profoundly disturbing to me, as it has been to most of the U.S. artistic community. The repugnance of the election cycle, the outcome, and the ensuing insanity from both the new administration and its supporters have left me traumatized and questioning the nature of the country I call home.

But I’ve learned that it avails one nothing to sit around and stew. It has been both empowering and reassuring to join with other artists here in the New York area both to express my dissent against the stated repressive intentions of the administration and to explore ways to affect the situation.

First step is to recalibrate: I’m shutting off all news sources, social media, and interruptions during the holidays and immersing myself in music, both mine and others.

If you’re a jazz fan and need a little extra swing to kick your holidays in to gear, or just to divert your mind, maybe my Spotify playlist Yuletide Swing can be of use.

Wishing all a happy, hopeful and peaceful holidays season.


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